5 Things You Need to Know to Choose a Cycling Jersey

It is time to treat yourself to a new kit for the warmer weather.

When you ride a bike you can wear a T-shirt and you will soon drown in your own sweat. It's better to wear a special jersey that is made of breathable fabric to keep you stay dry regardless of how long or how hot during cycling, which will ensure you to remain comfortable all the way. Along with padded shorts, a good short sleeve cycling jersey for warmer weather is an essential part of any cyclist's wardrobe.

You will get sweaty on long rides in the sun, so a technical jersey made with high wicking fabric will keep you dry and cool. What worth mentioning is that many jerseys can be worn almost all year round, from early Spring to the late winter. As part of a layering system, a jersey can be paired with a gilet or arm sleeves and used on cooler days.

A summer jersey is essentially a simple outfit. But look through any directory or browsing local stores, you will quickly realize that there are hundreds of different jerseys. Although they are all trying to do the same thing, how they do it can be very different. Therefore, it is necessary to figure out what you are actually looking for before you start buying.

You can buy a jersey from $5 to $299, but expensive jerseys are not necessarily 20 times better. In general, you're paying extra for better and more advanced fabrics that are better in wicking performance and keep it cool and dry compared to the very basic fabrics. You can also expect improved fit and stylish and extra features.

Materials and Fabrics

Yes, you can wear a T-shirt on your bike. But cotton, you will find that if you ride it on a hot day, it is not so good in dealing with sweat; it just sticks in and will soon be soaked through. Add a light breeze and you can chill quickly, which is not good.


Hence, the aim of a technical jersey is to sweat from your skin to the outside of the fabric, where it can evaporate. This will make you feel dry, so you will not catch cold because of sweat. If the temperature drops or the wind speed increases, you will not feel cold.

Most jerseys are made of some kind of synthetic fibers and are designed to quickly remove sweat from the skin so that it evaporates from the outside of the jersey. This is where cycling jerseys really beat your cotton t-shirt.

Sun Protection

Another consideration for cycling in hot weather is to look for a jersey with a fabric that provides some sun protection. Some jerseys use very lightweight and loose woven fabrics that allow a lot of harmful ultraviolet light to pass through, so manufacturers have begun to solve this problem by making SPF and UPF grade garments. When you ride a bike, it is normal to expose your back to the sun, then the area under your jersey that you most likely don't apply suntan lotion to. So it is important to choose a jersey with sun protection function.

Right Fit for Your Body Type

You can have the best and most expensive fabrics in the world, but if the jerseys don't fit you well, then you will lose a lot of performance. Fit is a personal thing, and it depends on your riding style. If it is sporty and racing, then tight fit jerseys are better, even thogh they are not so beautiful, and they are more airy.



Size is crucial no matter what style you choose, and the company here offers a range of sizes that fit most shapes of the human body. Some brands are smaller or larger than others, so don't ake it for granted that you are a medium-sized in one brand that you'll be the same size in all other brands. If you have the opportunity, try it before you buy is the best way. 

Pockets and Zips

Features can make or break a good summer jersey, in general, the more features the higher the price. The minimum you need is the three pockets around the back, which are used to fill some food, money, and keys, and a zip at the front for when you need to cool down. That's your classic cycling jersey right there.


There's numerous extra options, with everything from zipped pockets, full-length zippers, mesh panels strategically placed for maximum ventilation, elasticated waists, silicone hems to stop them riding up, and reflective stripes, good for riding late into the summer evenings. 

Your Preference

How the jersey looks is purely personal preference, there's enough choice out there to keep everyone happy. And the choice continues to grow.

When choosing a jersey, color is a huge deciding factor. When choosing a jersey, you may find that this color is a stupid factor, but this is very important. If you don't like this color - you may not be willing to wear it? So make sure it's your favorite color, and be happy to wear it! Don't let anyone define your color choice.

Yet using the latest technical fabrics and smart fit, means they work well on the bike when you're hammering along the road.

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