Do you like tight-fitting cycling apparel or loose cycling apparel?

Cycling jersey is a more professional clothing product for outdoor cyclists, which designed to achieve better riding. In fact, if you are an outdoor rider or a professional athlete, when we buy a cycling suit, we may prefer to buy those relatively narrow and very close-fitting jersey, So, is the tighter the better.

Generally speaking, cycling clothes are close-fitting, can effectively avoid the situation of cycling, I believe you and I have wearing loose sportswear cycling back is almost blown into a balloon experience. So we say that wind resistance can be effectively reduced

When you ride on a loose riding clothing, it looks bad. Like this picture:

The fabrics of cycling clothing are generally made of various breathable materials introduced by major companies, so the sweat generated during riding can be quickly discharged from the body. This is something that cotton clothes can't reach. But there is also a problem. Almost all cycling clothing is often light and easy to play.

The sleeves are generally longer than the same size clothes (in the case of long-sleeved jerseys, the short sleeves naturally do not have this design), which is mainly due to the fact that the riding posture is the longest state of the arm, so some Long-sleeved jerseys are often lengthened in sleeves to ensure that the wrists and the like can still be covered while riding.

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How to choice cycling jersey, four tips for you:

  • Try to choose the front zipper to open the larger one, so that the ventilation is good
  • There are small pockets on the back or side, you can put small things, there are closed pockets to put the phone better
  • It is best to have reflective strips for clothes. Riding at night is safe.
  • After the clothes are put on, please straighten your arms to the front, bend your waist slightly, and sit in a riding position. If the clothes just cover your wrists, there is no restraint under your arm, and the meat on the back is not exposed. The size is fits you

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