The SKYSPER mask is made from a neoprene skin that neatly follows the contours of the face, giving it a snug fit and ensuring all the air is forced through the filters. Like the Ultralight, this mask comes with the filter for sub-micron particulates. We found the SKYSPER mask more comfortable than others, in part because it have rapid airflow valves. As with the Ultralight mask, the Velcro fastening makes adjusting the fit fuss-free.

The perfect combination of ergonomics, size can be adjusted to meet the most head type.According to the person face design, keep out the bridge of the nose the following part, have the nose clip fixed, to prevent the slide. Active carbon filters isolate 95-percent of dust, chemicals, fumes and particulates. Mesh ventilation design, excellent permeability, double air breathing valve, air resistance is smaller,smooth breathing

How about people said?
Mr A: “I forgot about these masks as I've been wanting to run and bike but my outdoor allergies have kept me from doing them. Other than that, it's a great addition if you suffer from allergies and want to do outdoor activities.”

“Oh my gosh I love this. The air flow is so much better than my other mask and it's way, way easier to breathe with it. It doesn't make it so hard to breathe that I have an asthma attack, making the mask pointless! It does pinch my nose shut so don't plan on breathing through your nose, and it's not the most comfortable thing you could put on your face, but it works like a charm.” Mrs B said.

Mrs C: “It looks cool and it works for me in an industrial environment. It is not hard for me to breathe through this. I am a female with small face and to make this fit really well I put the velcro strap above my ponytail.”

-- Breathable, High Quality Material! 
-- Filters can be replaced, protects you from dust and cold wind. 
-- Double air valve design, help you breath easier and freely when riding the bike. 
-- Can adjust the mask freely with velcro strap according to you own demands. 
-- Neoprene fabric. Touch gentlely, efficient to keep warm. 
-- Hanging ear design, makes the mask won't fall when cycling or running. 
-- Long life time: More than 2 years for the mask. 

Installation of Mask Filter 
1. Open the mask to expose the interior of the filter valve. 
2. According to the OPEN directions on the valve,turn the valve counter(clockwise),to separate the valve. 
3. Remove the filter. 
4. Replace the new filter, reverse the above steps,clockwise rotation of the valve,over. 

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