Team SKYSPER Camping on the Hill Heaven Top in Celebrating the Arrival of 2018

Team SKYSPER Camping on the Hill Heaven Top in Celebrating the Arrival of 2018

(the hill Heaven Top)


Since we have three days of New Year's holiday, we decided to go camping on the hill Heaven Top.
First, let me tell you a little bit about the hill Heaven Top. The hill Heaven Top is the main peak of Nankunshan, located in Guangzhou Shimen National Forest Park Shimen Scenic Area. 1210 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Guangzhou. Its east is adjacent to Pai Tan Town in Zengcheng District, to Liangkou Town in the south and Conghua District in the south, and to Nankunshan in Longmen County in the north. 
The annual average temperature of the hill Heaven Top is 15 ℃, the highest temperature is 22 ℃, and the lowest temperature is minus 5 ℃. In winter, there will freeze for a long time, and occasionally snow.  Standing on the top the the hill, you can see the sunrise, clouds, overlooking the Nankun Mountain, Conghua Hot Springs, pumped storage power station and other scenery.
We met a lot travel mates during our way to the hill Heaven Top. Yeah, we did have a good time with these guys, sharing some interesting experience of hitting the road, which we thought was another pleasure of journey.


When we arrived, we stopped for a meal and reserved energy for our upcoming mountaineering. After all, we were going to spend the night in the mountains tonight.
Not A Walk In The Park!!

To achieve our mission, we’d have to hike and scramble for the majority of the trip just to reach the top before dark.
All this with full packs loaded with 6 liters of water each, and everything else we’d need for 2 days on a barren mountain.


Like I mentioned above, the most fun part of the journey was meeting different kinds of travel pals. It was like we knew each other but the truth was we did not. As we climbed all the way, we greeted each other and cheered for each other.


Sure enough, it was the Guangdong's first peak, which was very steep and rugged. About 5 hours into the trip, we were all tired as hell. Stashing some extra water to lighten our loads, along with the some other stuffs we no longer needed, we began climbing up the top.

Welcome To The Heaven Top!
It feels as though we’ve stepped into a peaceful world, and everything here was green and energetic. We could feel that the air was really fresh and clean, and we all felt we were purified. Clouds and fog are moving in all around us, like a fairyland.

After we frantically shot a lot of photos, we started building tents. Well, It went dark when we set up the tent. At the same time, we also felt hungry, so we quickly cooked.
Well, after the mentally & physically exhausting day of difficult & technical climbing, we went into the tent to have a little break.
Amazing Night & Sunrise Ever!!
When the sunlight disappeared we could hear some unknown birds squeaking around in the air above us. Our exhaustion started to kick in though, and all 10 of us crammed into our tent. It was cold, wet at night. There was a very sad thing on this way, that was, the sleeping bags we bought were not very warm at all. So, there was no sleep to be had all night.
With the 12 o'clock bell approaching, we decided to play something cool.

The long night passed with the whizzing wind. We had the first ray of sunshine in 2018. 

Hell Yes It Was Worth It!!
Look how funny we were at this moment. But no kidding, it was so damn COLD! After enjoying this beautiful sunrise, we went back to eat a simple breakfast, and began to pack our stuff and went down the mountain.

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