What Problems do Women Need to Pay Attention to While Riding a Road Bike?

More and more Women have showed great interest in Cycling, and the truth is they do actually make their action. Compared to swimming and running, Cycling is an outdoors sport that requires a lot equipment that keep cycling fun and safe. When you decide to buy a bicycle and whether it is for training or competition, it is very important to keep you ride comfortably.

It can’t not be denied that men are more experienced than women in riding, and the physiological structure of men and women is different. SO what problems should women pay attention to when cycling?

Selection of gear ratio
First of all, when it comes to buying a bike, it is essential to turn to a professional bicycle shop to help choose the right frame size, but the speed and brake system of a bike can’t not be ignored at the same time. As a beginner female cyclist, when your leg muscle condition haven’t reached a certain level, it is suggested that you can use the compression discs together with the 11-32T rear flywheel, which can easily overcome climbing with a lighter tooth ratio.

Seat and cycling pants selection
Due to the different physiological structures of male and female, the pelvis of women is wider, the connection point between the seat cushion and the body is not the same, and it is more likely to cause discomfort during riding due to oppression. As a result, women's seat cushions are usually wider, and the width of the hollow in the middle will also be wider. At present, there are also seat cushions designed for women in the market. It is recommended that female riders should choose the right styles designed for women specifically.

Women's pants or trousers are usually made to be shorter and wider, and the protection position is not the same at all. It is said that that many female riders wear male trousers at the very beginning, and after riding they feel quite uncomfortable. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that female must choose female-specific cycling pants. Our SKYSPER designed a women's cycling Tights. SKYSPER Womens 3D Padded 3/4 Cycling Compression Tights merges 3D Chamois with stretchy, breathable fabric and anatomic fit, will keep you riding in comfort all day long. Wider and softer, it provides a more comfortable riding experience for female.

Lubricating cream and sunscreen lotion
Women's skin is more meticulous, so it is recommended that before long-distance riding, you can properly apply Vaseline to reduce the friction when riding or it might cause the skin broken; and sun protection products, it is absolutely essential items, but to Pay attention to timely supplements and smears during riding to make sure it work effectively.

Finally, if you feel a little uncomfortable after riding, you will also propose four simple self-testing methods. The experienced cyclists make simple self-adjustment by referring to the following four points:
1. If the neck and shoulders are sore, it can be confirmed whether the torso and the hands are 90 degrees in the ride.
2. If the back of the knee is prone to pain, the seat cushion may be too high.
3. If the knee is prone to pain, it may be that the cushion is too low.
4. If the inside or outside of the knee is prone to pain, it may be a bad riding posture, such as outer eight or inner eight.

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