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Camping Shower | 5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag | Portable Shower

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The solar shower 5-gallon system is the perfect accessory for the great outdoors. It provides essential hot pressurized
water for washing and rinsing off sand after a day on the beach, and taking camp showers.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: No harmful gas emissions or fumes, and no batteries are required. Water is pressurized by hanging the shower bag and using gravity to stream the water for the perfect shower every time.
  • DURABILITY: Built for the rugged outdoors, it is made with quality, long lasting materials that can endure rugged usage in any terrain or weather condition.
  • VERSATILE: Perfect for all outdoor adventures; camping, mountaineering, fishing, hiking and cross country trailblazing. Built for all weather conditions it is the perfect accessory for all outdoor executions.
  • SOLAR HEATED: The sun is the sole power source and the unit requires no batteries to function. Place the tank the sun, and the tanks material absorbs heat from the sun which increases the water’s temperature.
  • COMPACT ABILITY | TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Fully collapsible when the contents are emptied, it’s perfect for traveling. Equipped with an adjustable (comfort grip) handle with snap closure for easy mounting. An ergonomically designed handle relieves pressure on the hand, allowing you to glove, and comfortably hold the filled 5-gallon unit.
- 4 Layer construction
- 5 Gallon volume
- On/Off shower head
- Large filling valve
- Ergonomic carry handle
- Storage pockets
- Temperature gauge

- Tank H19.85” x W18”
- Capacity | 5 Gallons

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