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2019 Latest Dust Mask N95 Tech with Replaceable Filters [Cooling/Summer]

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Our environment is full of dust, haze, vehicle exhaust, air pollution, the dust mask can keep you from 95% dust, dirt, pollen, allergens, fumes or particulates that affect your breath in the air. *WE NEED CLEAN AIR TO PROTECT OUR LUNGS*

PACKAGE [Ship within 24 hours]
1 x Mask + 4 x Extra Filters
  1. Replaceable Active Carbon Filters
  2. Dual one-way discharge valves
  3. Low Breathing Resistance
  4. Fully formable nose clip ensures an effective seal
  5. Washable and Reusable, Easy to Storage and carry.
  6. Fully Adjustable


Material: The outermost layer is made of 100% pure cotton. Cooling Fabric
Size: one size fits for most people.
Net Weight: 50g
Long lifetime: More than 2 years for the mask.
Dust mask ratings: N95 Technology
About Filter: Activated Carbon Filter, 5 Layer Filtering System Protect

Season: Summer! Super Comfortable for summer and hot day!


Our mask is essential for healthy breathing which ultimately leads to healthy living. You should never compromise on your health when it comes to breathing.

Installation of Mask Filter

  1. Open the mask to expose the interior of the filter valve.
  2. According to the OPEN directions on the valve, turn the valve counter(clockwise), to separate the valve.
  3. Remove the filter.
  4. Replace the new filter, reverse the above steps, clockwise rotation of the valve, over.


  1. Before you wash the mask, please remove the filter.
  2. You should replace the mask filter in every 3 Months If you don't use frequently. Otherwise, please use another replaceable filter in 45 days.
  3. It is normal that there is a little smell for the new dust mask. You can take out the filter, and put the mask into the 20 degrees water in 15 mins, the smell will disappear


Q. I have really bad pollen allergies. Will an N95 mask help me while I mow the lawn or do other outside work?
A. An N95 respirator dust mask should provide sufficient protection against most common forms of backyard pollen and allergens since these masks are designed to filter out any particles larger than 0.3 microns in diameter. 

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