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Fishing Poles | Telescopic Fishing Rod | 1.8m - 3.3m Fishing Rod


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  • Made from carbon fiber with alloy, strong and durable.
  • Good elasticity and strong heavy capacity.
  • Collapses for easy storage and travel. Short enough for you to take around.
  • Adjustable length for situations where full-size fishing gear is inconvenient.
  • The guide ring is smooth and high-temperature resistance never hurt the fishing line.
  • Ideal for seawater and fresh water. Suitable for bass, octopus, Marlin, Barracuda, octopus, squid and so on.


  1. Special protective cap, effectively protect the guide ring, difficult to damage.
  2. High-quality guide ring, with silicon carbide ceramic material, protect the cord to the most extent.
  3. Made of aviation aluminum and wear-resistant rubber, ensure the durability of the rod.

Name: Portable telescopic rods
Material: 40T carbon fiber
Color: Carbon black
Shrinkage Length: 41-61cm
Telescopic: Yes
weight: 158g/223g/229g/244g

All Size/Weight:

1 x Fishing Rod


  • Always collapse a telescoping fishing rod before storage. The individual blanks can be easily damaged if left in their extended positions.
  • Most telescoping rods use friction to hold each segment in place. Avoid applying spray lubricants or oils to prevent accidental collapse.
  • Consider the size of the target fish when selecting a telescoping rod. A lighter rod can snap under the weight of a heavier fish.
  • The length of the pole can affect the distance and accuracy of a cast. Adjust the telescoping rod up or down to find the ideal length.

Q. Do I need to perform any special maintenance on a telescoping fishing rod after a day on the water?
A. We suggest rinsing the entire rod with clean water before collapsing and storing it. This will remove any salt residue, sand, or dirt that may remain between the individual blanks.

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