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Fishing Spinning Reels

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10+1BB 6.2: 1 Gear Ratio Left/Right Interchangeable Fishing Spinning Reels with Spare Spool - SKYSPER
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10+1Ball Bearings Spinning Reels Antireverse Super Left/Right Interchangeable Saltwater Fishing Reel + Spare Spool
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Fishing Spinning Reels 10+1BB 5.2:1 10-12KG Drag Left/Right Interchangeable - SKYSPER
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11+1BB 7.6:1 Baitcasting Reels Fishing Reels Casting Reels Left/Right Hand
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Q. Which is best, a baitcaster or a spinning reel?
A. If you're learning to fish, a spinning reel has an easier learning curve. However, beginners soon discover they want more control than a spinning reel offers.
Learning to cast takes a little practice, but a spinning reel seldom gives beginners any problems. Baitcasters are great reels. They allow you to cast heavier lures or baits over longer distances, and with more accuracy – but there's a knack to using them. Many experienced anglers prefer a baitcaster, but they do take time to master.
Some anglers buy both: a spinning reel when going for fish under 10 pounds and a baitcaster for catching fish over that size. There are always exceptions, and debate certainly occurs between one angler and another. Much of the fun of angling is trying different rigs. As you gain experience, you'll develop your own preferences.

Q. What is backlash?
A. Backlash happens when the bait stops moving forward, but the line still flows off the reel. With nowhere to go, you get a big tangle, often called a bird’s nest. It can happen with any reel – particularly if you're casting into the wind – but mostly it's a problem for those new to baitcasting reels. Their action demands more control. Lot's of fishing books and websites offer good advice, but the bottom line is, get plenty of practice!

Q. What's the difference between front drag and rear drag?
A. Both do the same job, allowing a fish to take the line rather than break it. The distinction between front and rear drag has to do with where on the reel the adjustment is set. Front drag adjustment is right on the spool, so it tends to give more precise feedback.
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