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500M/547-Yards 8lb-35lb Monofilament Nylon Fishing Line

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Zero Stretch

Test Lb Range
10lb to 35lb

Spool Size




  • Suitable for Saltwater and Freshwater fishing.
  • Superb knot strength and line strength, the line is supple yet strong like Steel.
  • Soft and flexible, hands stay clean and cut free

    Strong Test(Test LB)/Dia.(mm):
    8lb, 0.234mm / 10lb, 0.260mm
    12lb, 0.285mm / 16lb, 0.324mm
    20lb, 0.370mm / 25lb, 0.400mm
    30lb, 0.450mm / 35lb, 0.500mm
    1 x Fishing Line

    1.about Line Tension: Different pounds of lines are for different sizes of fish. Please refer to the fishing line tension parameter table, select the appropriate fishing line.
    2.about Line Twist: All nylon lines exist the situation of twist, but the difference in the twisting degrees. The different way of using and the operation will result in different impact.
    3.about Water Cut Property: Limited by the material, the nylon line of water cutting is a bit worse compared with the Fluorocarbon Line. But the nylon line has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for a variety of fishing environments.

    Q. Why does the fishing line come in different colors?
    A. It’s all about visibility in the water. You might choose a line color that makes it easier for you to see. Or, you might choose a line color that makes it more difficult for the fish to see.
    Both monofilaments and braided lines can be colored. Some anglers use yellow for clarity, to see when they’ve got a bite. Others use red or green in the hope that it hides the line from the fish.

    Never discard fishing line where you fish. It's lethal to birds, wildlife, and sea creatures. Wrap it up, take it home, and put it in the trash instead.

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