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Trekking Poles

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Telescopic Fishing Rod | Fishing Poles | 1.8m - 3.6m Fishing Rod
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Fishing Poles | Telescopic Fishing Rod | 1.8m - 3.3m Fishing Rod
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60L Waterproof Backpack with Rain Cover for Hiking Mountaineering Camping Easy to Carry Trekking Poles
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2 Pack Trekking Poles Ultralight Folding Adjustable Hiking  Poles Long Sticks for Camping, Mountaining, Backpacking, Walking
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Trekking poles | 2 Pack Lightweight Telescopic Collapsible Hiking Poles For Camping Maintaining Backpacking
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Q. How do I know which height is most comfortable for my hiking pole?
A. Before setting the pole length on an adjustable hiking pole, stand as you normally would with the pole tip on the ground. Leave your upper arm at your side, and bend your elbow at 90 degrees. The position of your hand should correspond to the position of the hand grip on the hiking pole. Next, set the length of the pole. You’ll want to set it so that you can hold the grip comfortably in this arm position.

Q. Is a special technique required for using hiking poles?
A. The pole in your right hand should strike the ground at the same time as your left foot. Other than that, you should try to walk as naturally as possible when using hiking poles. Don’t change your stride to accommodate the poles.

Q. How do I clean a hiking pole?
A. You should wipe down the surface of your hiking poles after each use. After a few uses, especially in rough conditions with a lot of dust or moisture, you’ll want to clean the joints with a damp rag. The poles should pull apart slightly to allow you to clean the joints. After this task is complete, dry the areas with a clean rag.
If you see rust stains on any of the clamps or locking mechanisms, spray WD40 on a rag and clean the areas. When not in use, store your hiking poles in a dry place. Follow any additional manufacturer’s instructions for keeping your hiking poles clean.
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