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11+1BB 7.6:1 Baitcasting Reels Fishing Reels Casting Reels Left/Right Hand

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Max Drag

Gear Ratio

Ball Bearings

CNC Aluminum
CNC Aluminum




1. Totally 12 High-Performance Anti-corrosive Ball Bearings Including 2 NMB Japanese Ball Bearing 10 Stainless Ball Bearings.
2. Magnetic Systems, 8 Magnetic Beans.
3. Lengthened CNC Metal Handle Provides a More Ergonomic Design.
4. Anti-corrosion Design Can Use in Both Freshwater & Saltwater.
5. Carbon Fiber Drag System Provides More Powerful Drag Performance.
6. Super Light CNC Aluminum Spool, for Long Casting Fishing.

    Line Capacity
    0.20mm-150m /0.23mm-100m /0.26mm-80m

    1 x Fishing Reel

    Q: What Is A Fishing Spinning Reel?
    A: When deciding on which spinning reel to buy, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of what exactly a spinning reel is. A fishing spinning reel is the part of the fishing rod that holds your line. This is a crucial part of your fishing rod and includes all the mechanics and technology behind it. It houses the mechanisms and gears that allow you to throw line, release it and reel it back in when you have a fish on the line. Essentially, a fishing rod would simply be a long stick without this part.

    Q: How Should I Clean My Spinning Reel?
    A: You’ll want to ensure your spinning reel is cleaned after every day of fishing no matter what type of water you’re on. If you are fishing on freshwater this will be easier than if you’re on a saltwater trip. Let’s go through what you should do when fishing on saltwater.
    We’re not saying you should take your reel apart every time you fish, but it’s worth it once in a while. But ensuring it’s thoroughly cleaned will make it last longer and allow it to function properly for as long as possible.
    Don’t simply spray your reel off with your hose as this can actually do damage. Instead, grab a bucket and fill it with warm soapy water. Use a sponge to go over the entire reel and soaking it with the soapy water. You can rinse it with tap water, just make sure it’s not at high pressure.
    If you’re looking for a deep clean you’ll have to take the reel apart. We don’t suggest doing this unless you are confident in your abilities. If you forget a step when putting it back together your reel won’t work properly.

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