N95 Face Mask
N95 Face Mask - SKYSPER
N95 Face Mask - SKYSPER
N95 Face Mask - SKYSPER
N95 Face Mask - SKYSPER
N95 Face Mask - SKYSPER
N95 Face Mask - SKYSPER

N95 Face Mask

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TIPS: About N95:Some masks are capable of cleaning pollutants measuring 0.3 of a micron from the air you breathe. The N95 labels that are commonly (though confusingly, not universally) used to describe effectiveness refer to the amount of airborne particles tha. 


-- Breathable, High Quality Material! Mesh ventilation design.
-- Filters can be replaced, protects you from dust, fog, virus and cold wind.
-- Double air valve design, air resistance is smaller. help you breath easier and freely when riding the bike.
-- Can adjust the mask freely with velcro strap according to you own demands.
-- Neoprene fabric. Touch gentlely, efficient to keep warm.
-- Hanging ear design, makes the mask won't fall when cycling or running.
-- Long life time: More than 2 years for the mask.


External Material: Neoprene, flexible, elastic, dust and hot
Internal Material: nonwoven fabric, polyester wadding, charcoal, flannel
Velcro fastening, New design.
Size: 31cm x 16cm/12.2"X6.29", one size fits for most people.
Net Weight: 50g


  1. Open the mask to expose the interior of the filter valve.
  2. According to the OPEN directions on the valve,turn the valve counter(clockwise),to separate the valve.
  3. Remove the filter.
  4. Replace the new filter, reverse the above steps,clockwise rotation of the valve,over.


  1. Before you wash the mask, please remove the filter.
  2. It is narmal that there is a little smell for the new dust mask. You can take out the filter, and put the mask into the 20 degrees water in 15 mins, the smell will disappear.


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