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Woodworking Dust Mask | Allergy Mask | Lawn Mowing Mask

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Our environment is full of dust, haze, vehicle exhaust, air pollution, the dust mask can keep you from 99% dust, dirt, pollen, allergens, fumes or particulates that affect your breath in the air. *WE NEED CLEAN AIR TO PROTECT OUR LUNGS*

2 x Dust Mask
4 x Extra Filters

  1. Military Grade N99 Carbon Activated Cotton Mask
  2. Nose Sticke (prevents glasses from fogging)
  3. Hanging Neck Buckle
  4. Adjustable Straps

    If it is respirator masks, gas mask or masks for dust that you are looking for, pay attention to the mask category. According to NIOSH, the most recommended are N category masks. We have upgraded from the N95 mask, that filters 95% of particulate matter, to N99 air filter mask which is an advanced filtration system and blocks no less than 99% of harmful air particles.

    Material: Comfy-Cotton
    Size: one size fits for most people.
    Net Weight: 40g
    Long lifetime: More than 2 years for the mask.
    Dust mask ratings: N99 Filter
    About Filter: Activated Carbon Filter, 5 Layer Filtering System Protect

    Season: Summer! Super Breathable for summer and hot day!



    • Washable Product: Hand washes with warm water and soap/powder. Hand dry
    • Our mask filters particulate matter such as PM2.5.
    • Mask must be fitted properly to filter effectively.
    • Mask does not filter industrial chemicals or oil-based particles such as paint.
    • Mask must be replaced once you feel the breathing become more difficult than in your normal use.

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