How to Choose the Ideal Laptop Backpack Size for Everyday Use?

How to Choose the Ideal Laptop Backpack Size for Everyday Use?

Ever felt like Goldilocks, trying hard to find the laptop backpack that's just right? Too big, and you're hauling around unnecessary weight. Too small, and you can't fit everything you need. Just like our fairy tale friend had to figure out which porridge, chair, and bed worked best for her, we need to choose the right laptop backpack size for our needs. Let's dive into the world of laptop backpacks to help you make the perfect choice.

Understand Your Laptop Size

Selecting the right size for your laptop backpack begins with understanding your laptop's size. Laptop sizes typically range from 11 to 17 inches, depicted in terms of screen size - the diagonal measurement from one edge of the screen to the opposite corner. Understanding this measurement is critical to choosing the right backpack size.

To accurately measure your laptop, place the end of a tape measure at the bottom left corner of your laptop screen, stretch it diagonally to the top right corner and there you have it! Just be sure to ignore the bezel, or screen frame, in this measurement - you're only interested in the actual screen size.

Once you've determined the size of your laptop, look for a backpack that fits it snugly. A 13-inch laptop, for instance, would be swimming in a 17-inch laptop backpack, which doesn't bode well for keeping the machine safe from knocks and shakes. Conversely, picking a backpack that's too small for your computer could end up causing damage to both the laptop and the bag due to constant strain.

Consider Your Daily Essentials

After figuring out the right fit for your laptop, the next thing to consider is what else you're going to be carrying in your backpack. Your daily essentials might range from thick text books for the student, to a packed lunch for the office worker, to a spare uniform for the gym-goer. Perhaps you're an artist carrying around sketchpads and a multitude of pens. Or maybe you're a tech junkie with an array of devices from tablets to portable chargers, headphones, and an assortment of cables.

When evaluating backpacks, visualize your typical day and all the items that come with you on your journey. You might realize you need extra pockets for a water bottle, an umbrella, a pair of shoes, or even a specially insulated pocket to keep your lunch fresh.

Keep in mind, you're not just looking for a backpack that can fit all these items. You want to make sure it does so without becoming overstuffed and straining the zips, or causing discomfort when you wear it. A neatly packed backpack adds to your convenience and prolongs the lifespan of the bag. You don't want your laptop backpack bulging at the seams or feeling like a sack of potatoes on your shoulders - picking the right size and design based on the items you carry helps you avoid that scenario.

Look for Versatile Compartments

It's essential to consider not just what you carry, but also how to organize these items effectively. Think of it like a treasure chest - it's not only about cramming in all the gold and gems but also knowing where everything is. With backpacks, all your belongings can be treasures, and knowing where they are quickly can make a significant difference to your day.

This is where versatile compartments come into play. Most laptop backpacks come with more than just the main compartment for your laptop. They'll often have pockets - both external and internal - and additional divisions or compartments within the primary space.

These compartments are perfect for organizing your belongings based on their use and size. For example, an external pocket is ideal for items you need frequent access to, such as your phone or your keys. A secure internal pocket might be the perfect spot for your wallet or a small notebook. Additional compartments inside the bag can help separate your lunch box from your documents, or your dirty gym shoes from your clean clothes.

The right assortment of compartments can transform your backpack from a bottomless pit into a neatly organized space. It's like giving everything a designated home within the bag. When choosing your backpack, evaluate each different pocket and compartment and think about what you would use it for.

Pay Attention to Comfort

If a laptop backpack were a piece of clothing, it would be a pair of shoes. Just as you wouldn't buy a pair of shoes without considering comfort, you shouldn't buy a backpack without thinking about how it'll feel on your body. After all, you'll be carrying this bag around quite a bit just as you'd wear your shoes.

A comfortable laptop backpack can make all the difference, especially on long days or when the bag is heavy. Look for features like padded shoulder straps that cushion the weight on your shoulders rather than digging into them. Some backpacks also offer additional padding on the back, which enhances comfort, especially when you're carrying hard or heavy items close to your body.

An ergonomic design can help distribute the weight of the bag more evenly across your back, easing the strain and reducing the risk of back pain. Some backpacks also include additional straps like a sternum strap or a waist belt, which are not just for hikers! These extra straps can help balance heavy loads and make the backpack more stable, preventing it from swinging or slipping to one side while you're on the move.

Lastly, the material of the backpack can contribute to your comfort, too. A backpack made from lighter materials will obviously weigh less than those made from heavier materials. And a waterproof or water-resistant backpack can help keep your gear dry, which obviously aids in comfort. It's like a pair of waterproof boots on a rainy day - it's all about happy, dry, comfortable you!

Looking for More Tips on Picking the Perfect Laptop Backpack?

If you're seeking more guidance on navigating the world of laptop backpacks, you're in luck! We have previously written an in-depth article on how to choose the perfect laptop backpack. This comprehensive guide features a more detailed look on the factors such as the right kind of material for a laptop backpack, how to discern between different builds and types of backpacks, and even more info on how to maintain your laptop backpack for prolonged use. So if you're eager for a deep dive, make sure to read How to Choose the Perfect Laptop Backpack for Your Needs?

Recommended Laptop Backpacks: SKYSPER ENERGY Series and Urban X18

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in a laptop backpack, we'd love to introduce some excellent products that we believe embody all the key features touched upon in this guide.


The SKYSPER ENERGY series are a collection of laptop backpacks that stand out for various reasons. Besides their sleek, modern design, these bags have the capacity between 25 to 30 liters, making them perfect for daily use as well as travel. They focus on providing substantial space without compromising on comfort or durability, and each bag in the series is designed to protect your laptop while offering enough room for all your daily essentials.

Urban X18 Laptop Backpack

Designed for urban commuters and digital nomads, the Urban X18 laptop backpack is not your ordinary laptop bag. Unlike your typical backpack style, the Urban X18 is a crossbody laptop bag with a capacity of 18 liters. This makes it compact and versatile enough to suit your cycling commute or your trip across town to your favorite coffee shop. Its contemporary design coupled with its convenience factor is sure to make your on-the-go lifestyle that much easier.

Remember that the right laptop bag for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both the SKYSPER ENERGY series and the Urban X18 laptop backpack are excellent choices, offering their unique set of features and benefits.


Choosing the right laptop backpack size is more science than art, and now you know the formula! Start with your laptop size, add in your daily essentials, mix in versatile compartments, consider comfort, and you've got a backpack that's just right for you, à la Goldilocks.

Happy backpack hunting!


Q: Does my laptop size dictate my backpack size?

A: Yes, your laptop size is a significant factor impacting the backpack size you choose. The backpack should be able to snugly fit your laptop for added protection.

Q: Is a larger backpack always better?

A: Not necessarily. While a larger backpack can accommodate more items, it may become overweight and uncomfortable to carry.

Q: Should I consider my physical stature when choosing a backpack?

A: Indeed, it's important to pick a backpack size in proportion to your body size for optimal comfort.

Q: Are there specific backpack designs for better weight distribution?

A: Yes, backpacks with ergonomic designs, including padded shoulder straps and chest or waist straps, can distribute the backpack weight, minimizing strain on your back.

Q: How can I keep my backpack organized?

A: Opting for a backpack that comes with multiple compartments and pockets can help keep your belongings well-organized.


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