Everything we create is designed to inspire rider to get out there and keep cycling
Skysper is a cycling apparel company devoted to minimal design and having a good time on the bike. We made it our goal to change the landscape by offering well designed cycling clothing while omitting excessive branding. The concept of SKYSPER is to create modern cycling clothing with equal consideration for performance & style, combined with visionary aesthetics. Through innovative designs and sourcing of new production methods, SKYSPER strives to bring out collections that define modern cycling in a different context.
We sell bicycle gear online to help our fellow cyclists find their comfort zone. Some of our favorite products are padded bike shorts, reflective cycling tights , eco-repel Commuter jackets and custom bike jerseys. We are experts in high quality bike shorts and bicycle apparel. All of our cycling apparel products are made from premium materials that will last and add comfort to your bicycle rides. We work hard to manage great designs with highly functional developments that create a more comfortable cycling environment.
Bicycling creates joy and feelings of fun and freedom. There is nothing like it. So, when you want to make it last longer, try some padded bike shorts to cushion your butt and stretch like a second skin for freedom of movement while cycling. Add another layer of fun by making sure you are comfort in all the weather types the outdoors can bring on a longer bike ride. Having the right layers in the winter is essential to your comfort - both hot and cold.
Our cycling jerseys and bike shorts are specially designed and functionally engineered for best performance while riding. Many of our cycling apparel products are made in the China. You'll want to tell your friends where you got such comfortable and stylish cycling apparel. You'll ride faster because you feel so good in our exciting cyclewear products. Read more about us and our work to help our fellow cyclists ride longer and feel strongerWe are avid cyclists! We are here to keep you riding in comfort and style.

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When in 1800s

When the “safety bicycle” turned up replacing the big wheelers of the 1800’s, cycling became accessible for the first time. And before long, people were racing. Athletic competition often drives innovation and at the dawn of cycling as a competitive sport, most cycling clothing was wool. It was scratchy, and when it got soaked it fit like a saggy sack, but was faster drying and more comfortable than cotton nevertherless.

After WW2

Post WW2 chemists changed the world of cycling clothing with their inventions of polyester, nylon, and spandex. Fabric made from these new materials improved the way designers and manufacturers made sports apparel, including cycling clothing. By combining polyester with elastic, DuPont invented Lycra and by the ’70’s, cyclists had moved away from wool or silk and migrated to a new breed of synthetic fabrics that wicked like wool.

Road & Mountain Biking Clothing

While road cycling clothing design has been dominated by the need to create fast billboards, mountain biking clothing has been dominated by references to other youthful sports


We are on the cusp of a new wave of apparel for cycling – one where there is increasing diversity on many axes: in function, in style, and in quality. we want something that is truly functional and built to last, but that looks good and carries over the outdoorsy ethos intrinsic to mountain biking.