Integration of Design and Production

Our design center is so close to the factory that many ideas can be quickly implemented and verified, and any cutting-edge technology can be quickly applied and improved.


210D nylon and 600D polyester are widely used in SKYSPER bags. 210D high density nylon is more stretchable and lighter than traditional fabric and it is also coated with a double-layer Polyurethane (PU) membrane to withstand 800mm of water pressure. 600D polyester is highly wear-resistant while light in weight, balancing the lightness and durability.

Testing Instruments

We have professional instruments to test the performance of our products, such as textile tensile testing, zipper reciprocating testing, vibration testing, etc.

QA and QC

Professional QA and QC personnel ensure that every process of production is completed in accordance with the regulations, and every finished product meet standards for safety and efficacy.