Yoga Bags

    What's the Ideal Yoga Bag Size for a Yogi on the Move?

    Yoga, an age-old discipline, brings a sense of balance and harmony into our chaotic lifestyles. Making the practice convenient and mobile largely depends on one critical accessory – the yoga bag. But how do we determine the perfect size for a yoga bag, especially for yogis consistently on the go? Let's delve into this subject.

    Yoga Bag: Much More Than Just a Bag

    A yoga bag is a personal statement about how you approach your practice. But more importantly, it carries all the essential items you need, from yoga mats and blocks to a change of clothes, water bottles, and even small personal items like a phone, keys or wallet.

    Considering the Yoga Bag Size

    The baseline for any yoga bag is that it must fit your yoga mat comfortably. Usually, a standard yoga mat is 24" wide, so a bag with a width anywhere between 25" and 30" should be spacious enough to store it without rolling the mat too tight.

    However, for a yogi on the move, consider other aspects is necessary— from toggling between workplaces during the weekdays, heading for retreats during the weekends, or jetting off for yoga courses in different locations. All these situations bring varied storage requirements.

    In such cases, a spacious yoga bag is ideal. An approximate dimension of 7" H x 25" W x 12" D should comfortably hold not just a mat, but also your yoga clothes, a towel, a water bottle, yoga blocks, straps, and toiletries while still remaining compact enough for ease of movement.

    Other Important Factors

    Apart from the size, the bag's material, the number of compartments, comfort and durability also play a crucial role in making a bag versatile. Waterproof materials, adjustable straps, ease of accessing compartments are other beneficial features for any yogi on the move.


    In essence, the ideal yoga bag size for a yogi on the go is one that comfortably holds all yoga equipment and personal items, without compromising on comfort and style. By considering not only the size but also other factors like material quality and design, you can select a bag that truly complements your yoga journey, both on and off the mat.