LANTC Series

The design concept of the LANTC series originates from the popular trekking route, Langta C trail, which is a very long and dangerous trekking route across the Tianshan Mountains. Along the trail, there are snow peaks as high as 5,290 m, deep valleys, vast grasslands, gorgeous coniferous forests, rivers and rock formations. The scenery is impressive and thrilling.
The LANTC series aims to awaken the spirit of adventure in more outdoor enthusiasts.


The design concept of the BOGDA series originates from Bogda Peak.
With an altitude of 5445 meters, the Bogda Peak is regarded by the locals as the house of the gods and is considered a sacred mountain. With all kinds of legends and many other labels, Bogda Peak has been given mysterious religious color and it is the holy mountain in the minds of
outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.
The Bogda series advocates every brave soul to explore the unknown mystery together.



The design concept of the TENGGER series originates from Tengger Desert.

Known as a boundless desert as broad as the sky, Tengger Desert also boasts over 420 lakes, each with its own stories and legends to explore. Tengger Desert attracts visitors because of its magnificent desert scenery, pearl-like lakes, shadows of the sunshine, and the sprinkling starry sky.

Only through trekking, can we get the peace of mind, feel our breath and heartbeat closer, and find the meaning of travel in persistence and joy.That's why TENGGER series is born.